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Do Debts from Previous Owner Stay on the Property You Purchased?

#community fees debts # debt passed on to new owner # does debt stay with house # expats duped into paying utility debts # IBI debts # plusvalia debts # utility debts #



For anyone who thinks the title could be an exaggeration, they only have to visit one of the threads on expat forums to know that the title is factual. Numerous homeowners have paid debts that are not of their making.

These posts are...



Selling a Property? Claim and Have the Plusvalia Refunded

#plusvalia # claim plusvalia # selling a property



UPDATE 9.10.2016 confirming the courts are indeed beginning to take a different view, as the original article from April 2015 already stated.

A recent ruling from the Supreme Court in Valencia has annulled...



There are Still Pitfalls to Avoid When Purchasing Land/Property in Spain.

#home purchase # selling in Spain # real estate # conveyancing spain # conveyancing # ley de costas # coastal law # 1988 law # Spain # homes # houses #



It would be wishful thinking to suggest that the problems when purchasing land /plots in Spain on which to construct your dream home no longer exist. Land purchasers in the past have bought in good faith to find often-insurmountable hurdles in...



What Can I Do if My Mortgage is Affected by the Clasula Suelo (Floor Clause)?

#clausula suelo # floor clause # claim bank clause



On the 21/12/2012 the European Court of Justice ruled the invalidity of the abusive floor clause and demand that the banks return the amounts overcharged retroactively. The ECJ has ruled that the Spanish Supreme Court did not have the ability to...



Mortgage Holders Claim Costs Associated with Mortgage Setup

#mortgageclaim # mortgagecosts # claimagainstbank



For those who have bought a property in Spain with a mortgage will have paid costs and fees associated with the mortgage on the purchase. These costs will include: valuation, notary, registry,(judicial taxes) and management...



Selling a Property? the 3% Retention at the Notary

#ConveyancingSpain # realestateSpain # purchasinginSpain # sellinginSpain # salestaxspain # #conveyancingspain



1. What is the retention of 3% in real estate transactions?

It is a "tax deduction" of the full sales price when the seller is a person (private individual or legal entity) non-resident. This also applies to non fiscal...



Four Year Statute of Limitations on Inheritance taxes


There is no legal requirement to accept your inheritance within six months. There is though an obligations to pay the taxes on the succession in a six months time period unless an extension has been applied for in writing.

Article 66 in...



Client Testimonials

#purchasing in Spain # selling in Spain # Malaga # Alicante # Spanish properties # properties in Spain Conveyancing Spain # #ConveyancingSpain



We had a rather complicated  sale and a rushed purchase. I would like to thank our allocated lawyer Francisco from Conveyancing Spain for his professionalism and kindness. Everything went smoothly and we are now settling into our new home in...



Spanish Banks owe Millions to Mortgage Holders


Hundreds of thousands of homeowners who bought in the height of the last boom, are now finding that they have negative equity in their homes. Many are finding it impossible to meet the monthly mortgage payments. For these people it is not a...



Have you Made a New Will? EU Regulations on Succession

Have you Made a New Will? EU Regulations on Succession



450 000 cross-border successions occur in the EU every year estimated to be worth more than120 billion euro.

These successions are characterised by their high complexity. Succession law varies considerably from one EU country to...



Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Off-Plan Buyers


The Supreme Court has found in favour of several purchasers who were attracted by the purchase of off-plan properties. One of those affected, a couple from the south of England bought into a residential complex in Alicante. The complex was to...



Conveyancing Stories



"We bought our house from a estate agent 10 years ago , we had come from the UK to retire , and we found the agent lived on our community so we had faith in her ,but this summer at our meeting ,another house wanted permission...





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